Expert Care When You Need It Most in Dubuque, IA

Expert Care When You Need It Most in Dubuque, IA

We are proud to offer skilled nursing and therapy at both our Hillcrest and Asbury Campuses

Admissions Form - Skilled and Long Term Care

For more information, please contact our Social Services Coordinator Kim.Hedrick@luthermanor.com

Luther Manor Communities is dedicated to providing post-acute and long-term care, rehabilitation and respite care in a homelike environment.

An interdisciplinary approach to patient care assists residents to attain or maintain his/her highest practical level of physical, mental, spiritual, and psychological being in an environment that enhances a person's quality of life.

Skilled care aims at restoring function, relieving pain, promoting healing or preventing disability. Skilled nursing is often used for acute, short stays up to 100 days, after a qualifying 3 overnight stay in an acute hospital bed. Services and staff include: physical, occupational, speech therapy, nursing care, dietitians and dietary staff, pharmacy services, social service coordinators, activity professionals, and managers who work closely with residents and families to achieve a common goal of maintaining maximum level of care and well-being. Many residents are able to return home or to a higher level of function after a comprehensive skilled program.