Health Services

  • Priority access to all Luther Manor care services.
  • Seven free days of care each year at Luther Manor, if needed.
  • Monthly health screening.
  • 10% discount on "Care at Home" services.
  • Outpatient rehabilitation services at Luther Manor.
  • Continued nursing home care at Luther Manor, even with depletion of financial resources (provided a resident meets all qualifying state, federal and/or other guidelines).

Exterior Maintenance

  • All yard maintenance - weeding, raking, mulch and general landscaping of the community's property and pond area.
  • Snow and ice removal of all community driveways and sidewalks, with salting of drives and walks as needed.
  • All maintenance repairs for roofs, siding, garage doors and gutter cleaning.

Interior Maintenance

  • All minor systems maintenance - changing out light bulbs, cleaning of window exteriors, furnace filter replacement, fireplace care.
  • All major systems maintenance - water heater, water softener, furnace, air conditioning system.
  • All home appliance maintenance - stove, oven, refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, washer & dryer.

Lock-N-Leave Management

  • Invaluable to snowbirds! The Residences' management will watch over your home while you're gone and schedule periodic winterizing checks.

Dine In

  • Offered through Luther Manor's Care at Home Services department, those who would rather not cook can dine in inexpensively. Have a scrumptious nutritious dinner delivered right to your door!

Responsive Management

  • Feel secure in knowing that upon moving into your new Residences' home requests and/or concerns pertaining to daily comfort and security will be responded to quickly and equitably by the Residences' and Luther Manor management.

Convenience Items

  • Complimentary transportation runs to area banks and grocery stores.
  • Handyman services for personal non-covered needs, i.e., moving of miscellaneous boxes or furniture, picture hanging, even installing additional grab bars for personal safety.