COVID-19 Update for Visitation

Friends & Family,

There is no longer any restrictions on visits.

The latest guidance from CMS does not restrict visitors. No restrictions on the number of visitors, length of visit, nor during an active COVID case. Please follow the infection control guidelines: face mask, hand hygiene, screen at the kiosk, and visit in the resident's room.
CDC- Center for Disease Control
IDPH – Iowa Department of Public Health
CMS -Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
WHO- World Health Organization

Visitor Infection Prevention Strategies Include:

As we move slowly forward to “normal” and in an effort to keep everyone safe, please follow these guidelines:

  • Visitors will continue to be limited to two persons in a room at one time. If you arrive for a visit and there are already two visitors in the room, please proceed to the Bistro and wait until the other visitors have left before returning to the resident’s room.
  • Visitation will take place in the resident’s room.
  • Visitors shall limit their movement within the facility (going directly to and from the room).
  • Visitors may take their loved one outside, weather permitting.
  • Visitors shall maintain social distancing from staff.
  • If the resident is fully vaccinated, then visits with your loved ones no longer require a distance of 6’ and can include touch such as hugging.
  • A mask is required at all times in the facility.
  • Children are allowed to visit and should be masked according to CDC recommendations.
  • Though there are not set visiting hours, we ask that visits do not occur during mealtimes. Mealtimes run for approximately an hour, beginning at 11:30 (lunch) and 5:30 (supper). Breakfast is typically over by 9am.
  • Compassionate care visits continue for special circumstances and may be scheduled with the Director of Nursing or Administrator.


Visitors for Assisted Living (Dubuque and Eisleban Households) – You may now directly enter the household at the time of your visit. Staff will do a temperature check and assess for symptoms of illness at the entrance.

Visitors for Skilled and Long Term Care (Conlon and Butler Households) – Continue to enter at the main entrance to the facility. Staff will do a temperature check and assess for symptoms at the entrance. On the weekends or after business hours, ring the doorbell (located on the right side of the wall) and staff will unlock the door, and you will then complete the assessment inside of the household. Please enter the code on the keypad before opening the front door. The code and directions for entering the code are posted at the entrance.

If you are taking your loved one outside of the facility, you must sign them out in the notebook located at the nursing station.

Please consider the safety of your loved ones as well as all residents. We ask that you follow our guidance and do not visit if you are feeling ill.

Thank you, and welcome back!